Thursday, 18 February 2016

The lonely tourist..

Dress: Vintage // Coat: Topshop
Tights: New Look // Bag: Ollie and Nic
Wedges: Irregular Choice
All of the things seem to be conspiring to shatter my plans to be more organised. I'm basically the queen of lists at the moment; busy times at work and figuring out future ventures means that my life is held together with post-it notes and I know that if I'm not careful, other things could slip. 

A combination of taking time out last night to sort out some technology issues for a friend, and returning home to find the building likely to be without power for the night, it seemed pointless staying there which meant I'm falling a little behind on this week's dress commission. Hopefully there'll be time to get it finished and posted off to it's new home at the weekend, though. 

Although the skies are looking brighter, it's still jolly cold, so cosy wool tights are my current go-to. I'm still in two minds about this dress, I do love the colours, but the fact that it fastens only with the buttons at the front makes it fiddly and I'm never sure how flattering button-fronts are on my funny shape.

The green furry coat is another thing I'd forgotten I owned. Turning the wardrobe room upside down has been a rather super way to rediscover things. I'm still working on my final touches for it, but am happy with the way it's all looking thus far.

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