Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My sewing essentials..

 Finally, last weekend I managed to find some time to get back to sewing. Sadly nothing for me, as I have a couple of commissions I'm currently working on, but it was nice to get back into the swing of things. It feels like a long while since I last spent a good few hours at my machine. Although I haven't quite finished anything I can share photos of (the one item I did complete is a surprise for someone who is likely to read this, so I can't share until she has it), I decided I'd put together a list of the things I can't function productively without. 

Sew Lovely mug: Tea Please*
 Obviously, I run on caffeine, so I always have a pot of coffee on the go before I settle down to some stitching. I now have a new favourite sewing-themed mug as well. TeaPlease have a lovely selection of mugs which cover a range of themes and I'll be certainly going back when I have to shop for birthday presents etc. I've used this mug almost daily since it arrived a few weeks ago, and the design shows no sign of fading, despite being washed both by hand and in the dishwasher on numerous occasions, so it definitely gets a thumbs up from me!


One of my favourite sewing-related items is my rotary cutter. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical at first, as I'd never really thought that scissors were that cumbersome, but since trying out my rotary cutter a year or so ago, I've never looked back. I was talking cutting mat sizes with Sarah the other day and mine is 45 x 60 inches, which is pretty much large enough to suit my requirements. I might look at a larger one at some point, but it's not a necessity. Another thing I'm considering is some pattern weights; are they much better than pins?

  Box Swet Collage

I'm not very good at working in silence, so when I'm not listening to The Archers (or anything else on Radio 4, particularly if it features Brian Cox). I'll set my laptop up nearby and work my way through just about anything on a box set. A selection of the things I've recently marathoned above.

I've also just signed up to Love Sewing magazine, as they're currently offering the new Gertie book as a subscription gift. I've been hankering after the book for a while, and I enjoy the magazines, so it seemed a good deal for me! 

What are your sewing essentials?


  1. Oooh Lost!! I love Lost!! I have a rotary cutter but I've never used it (wait until I became a master sewer (ha!!) ). I always love to see what you make so please do share what youve made when you can! That Alice material is so groovy!!Xx

  2. Great post. Definitely going to have to look at those mugs. Totally agree about the cuppa. I always listen to the 1940s online radio station when I'm sewing.

  3. Tea is an essential for my crafting habits too. I tend to be listening to my favorite radio show when I craft on an afternoon, but if not it's whatever is on the TV (well Hulu/Netflix) at the time.

  4. My essentials are music, good fabric scissors, rotary cutter, chalk, thread snips, seam ripper and sharpening wrist pin cushions which keep my pins nice and sharp.

    I've also made some for sale, if anyone wants to treat themselves with these multifunctional beauties

  5. I got a rotary cutter last year, but don't use it very often really, mostly because my cutting mat is quite small so I run off the edge of it, which isn't ideal at all really! Time to upgrade that I think.
    I generally use pins rather than pattern weights, but for lingerie sewing, you're technically not supposed to use pins - however, I so far haven't bought any weights and just use whatever I have around me, from extra pairs of scissors to tins of coconut milk :D
    I've tried watching TV while sewing before but find I miss important bits under the buzzing of the sewing machine! I have a couple of soundtracks that I call my "sewing soundtracks" - Saving Mr Banks is my favourite one :)

  6. My Mum was a bit sceptical about rotary cutters too, but wouldn't be without hers now. Hart Of Dixie, I forgot about that. I used to watch it (can't remember which channel it was , think it changed names), but they stopped showing it, so I've never seen the end. I watched Lost until Sky got it and Gossip Girl is one of the very few programmes I gave up on. I loved it at first, but I felt it got so bitchy and to the point they were dating their own sister that I couldn't watch it. I haven't watched any of the others.