Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday Shoes 102..

Passionate sandals: ASOS
I'm far behind with my Sunday Shoes posts; I've had a lot of new additions of late. 
These ASOS Passionate sandals - the perfect Valentine's present if you ask me. I don't own many white shoes, but I don't think these would work so well in any other colour. 

The slingback strap at the heel offers several size options and the heel is so delicate, which goes nicely with the pastel pink glitter used on the front for the heart. 

I'm thinking these would be perfect with these tights, no?

IMG_7317 IMG_7318


  1. It's great to see these in real life. They're currently in my ASOS saved list! They are absolutely gorgeous and if I have an occasion come up, I will definitely invest!

  2. I buckled and bought these too when I had a discount code. A little more pointy than I'd like, but the heart detail is just adorable. Blooming hard to walk in though!

    1. So glad you got a pair; they're the cutest!