Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sunday Shoes 115: Topshop RIO

Topshop RIO sandals
I know I've already mentioned these sandals, briefly at least. Frankly I couldn't wait to wear them and gave them their first outing on Tuesday when the temperatures were soaring. But in greater detail, here are some close ups.

The RIO sandals are a little different to their unicorn cousins (REALM), with two more teeny straps across the fronts, just behind the flamingoes. 

The flamingo motif is mirrored on each shoe, with tropical palm tree leaves, also in metallic leather. They're sturdy and very securely attached to the fronts. The ankle straps buckle at the sides and are fine on me - I sometimes find that I struggle with the length of ankle straps, which makes me wonder if my ankles are particularly huge. I'm not sure. 

The heels are chunky block ones, the same height as the unicorns and they're quite low for me, which means I was able to wear them comfortably for a day.



  1. They are very pretty. Do you find high heels a bother then? I didnt realise that!

    1. I don't ever get bothered by wearing high heels, but sometimes strappy shoes like this can be a bit uncomfortable - my feet are quite wide and funny shaped so it can get uncomfortable depending where the straps fall.