Friday, 2 September 2016

Friday Favourites 211..

FF 211Image
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A recent find, but I think I might have a new obsession. Having only recently discovered Yoshi handbags, I'd spied a few I liked recently and vowed to show my penguin-obsessed best friend the Rookery bag (002) as I thought it would be right up her street. When I met with her for coffee the other day, she showed me her new purse, which has penguins on and she'd bought from the flower show last month. Lo and behold it was a Yoshi one, so we spent a good hour or so over coffee oohing and ahhing over the pretty offerings on their website. 

Here are my current favourites. 

001: I used to love Bourbon biscuits when I was a kid, I've no idea why it's been so long since I last ate any, but what's better than the biscuit version? A cute handbag version, of course!

002: I love the penguin design on The Rookery handbag and have set myself up an alert for when it comes back into stock. I might have to buy one for me and one for the bestie...

003: This book design looks so perfect against the brown background colour, which I also think gives it a wonderful vintage look. This would be perfect for toting just about everything around with me for a day at work, or running errands. 

004: A smaller bag for those little trips where you would only need the essentials, but the parliament of owls keeps it super cheerful and the blue would go with a huge proportion of my wardrobe. 

Frankly, I'm struggling to narrow it down to a favourite. Have you discovered Yoshi bags yet? If so, which would you pick?


  1. This was a dangerous website to introduce me to as I now want ALL THE HANDBAGS! Thanks for the link. I'm currently loving the bourbon, custard cream and bright turquoise shoulder bags. I might need a new bag for my birthday next month :D

  2. Oh I LOVE that Bourbon bag :)

  3. oh the bourbon bag - you have to get this, it's awesome!

  4. Oh, that penguin bag is so cute! xx

    1. It really is. Must keep my fingers crossed that it's back in stock soon.