Monday, 6 February 2017

Sequins and spotty dogs..

Skirt: H+M // Bag: Kate Spade
Eugh, Monday again so soon? This weekend seems to have flown by, to be honest. I mean, this isn't a bad thing. It was full of friends and fun and films and several productive hours at the allotment, so I have no complaints, other than it being over too quickly. 

This was Friday evening's outfit for drinks with some friends. One of those "I'll only be out for an hour or so" moments, where you roll home at 2am and remember it's Parkrun in the morning so you should probably get some sleep. Ah well. Nobody ever sits on their deathbed and says they wish they'd had an early night, do they?!

This skirt is actually a much longer, more awkward length, but I'm wearing it a lot higher up with a top layered over it. I love the colour, but the midi length really wasn't doing me any favours.

Top, cardigan: New Look // Pixie Dust heels: Irregular Choice

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  1. I could do with an early night so maybe I'd disagree! The skirt is v bright and happy, good choice!!!.Xx