Saturday, 11 March 2017

Had my first kiss on a Friday night..

Dress: Lindy Bop // Tights: Primark 
Gosh, it feels like a long time since I posted my last outfit pictures. Also kind of feels like a long time since I was at home to take any. 

It's been a funny week. Some things of note:

  • Things you think won't take very long, always end up being less simple than you expect. 
  • An evening spent chatting with friends until past 2am is better than staying at home. Even if they live miiiiiles away. 
  • Putting less pressure on yourself can be so liberating. 
  • Clearing out and decluttering is a good feeling.
  • Catching up on my letters made me smile - apologies to those who have been waiting for post for a while; I'm getting there. 
  • My best friends really are awesome. 
What's made you smile this week? 


  1. Glad you've had some goid times. I've missed the outfit posts, your blog is the first one I check each day so I've been sad to find nothing on some days!!

  2. How lovely! Lot's of things make me smile all the time. I love a good clear out too!