Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sunday Shoes 135..


I'm fairly sure that when the first Clarks x Orla Kiely collaboration happened, I was mildly interested, but didn't really *fall for* any of the styles. I'm not sure what's happened since then, but recently I'm desperate to try and track down a few of the pairs which I missed out on. I guess that goes to show how your tastes can change over time..?

So, in my attempt to tick off some of my Clarks x Orla wishlist (and add significantly to my current collection of one pair), these arrived last week. Enter: Orla Marianne.


These are just lovely; mustard and cream patent platform sandals, giving them a super retro 60s vibe. Then, at the front, they're adorned with the archetypal Orla flowers. And big round buckles on the ankle straps. Super cute, and also super high. Which is the best way to wear your heels, in my opinion.