Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tuesday Titles 131..

Did You See Melody? Sophie Hannah

Pushed to breaking point, Cara Burrows abandons her home and family and escapes to a five-star spa resort she can't afford. Late at night, exhausted and desperate, she lets herself into her hotel room and is shocked to find it already occupied - by a man and a teenage girl.
A simple mistake on the part of the hotel receptionist - but Cara's fear intensifies when she works out that the girl she saw alive and well in the hotel room is someone she can't possibly have seen: the most famous murder victim in the country, Melody Chapa, whose parents are serving life sentences for her murder.
Cara doesn't know what to trust: everything she's read and heard about the case, or the evidence of her own eyes. Did she really see Melody? And is she prepared to ask herself that question and answer it honestly if it means risking her own life?


Oh, this one throws you right in at the deep end. We, the reader, arrive at a holiday resort in the midst of the Arizona desert, with Cara, who is running away from her life in England.

But why? What does she need to get away from so urgently? And how is she supposed to relax in a luxurious holiday complex when the other guests, and even some of the staff are slowly getting caught up in conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of a young girl, seven years ago?

There have been sightings reported of Melody Chapa, and here the book flickers between present day events and interviews, TV shows and reports from the time of Melody's disappearance. 

Is Cara's over-stressed brain making far too much out of seemingly innocent events? Or could the suspicious behaviour of her fellow guests be because they really are hiding something? How long will she herself be able to hide, before her family have enough and try to track her down?

This definitely took a different turn to that which I'd expected, but it was fast-paced and engaging; I was desperate to find out what had happened to Melody.

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  1. I wished I'd read this on holiday - it would be the perfect sun lounger book - but although I did enjoy it, I found it a bit confused and lacking something... not sure what though!