Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sunday Shoes 140..


I mentioned last week that I'm falling super behind with sharing some of the recent additions to my shoe collection. In fact, several boxes which arrived recently haven't even been opened properly yet. I need more spare time. 


This pair is one of those which I saw and immediately knew I needed. The same shape as Pretty Poodle and Tiny Ted, these are called Barnacle Betty and although they'd sold out almost straight away on the website, I called the Brighton store who were super helpful as usual and managed to pop a pair in the post to me the next day. 


Sharing a shape and a few of same design details as Tiny Ted (the bows on the backs of the heels, perspex heels and pretty scalloped edging to the ankle strap, these are a beautiful shade of metallic purple and they're just as comfortable as their counterparts. 


On the fronts of the shoes is a lovely seasidey mermaid and seahorse design, which I think go so well with the colours. And I think that these rabbits on the box and the sole might be one of my favourite designs..