Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Tuesday Titles 148: Year One

Year One Nora Roberts
Year One: Nora Roberts

I'm almost never organised enough to get a review up on the actual day of publication, so I'm feeling a little smug about this one. And a little excited to share today's book, in equal measure.
I began this book what feels like ages ago, and was thrown right in to the story and the characters. As ever, Roberts' writing style is wonderfully descriptive and although it was just the beginning, I was more than happy to be surrounded by a family Christmas trip in the wilds of Scotland. Little do the brothers know that one of the birds they shoot on their hunting trip is more than just a bird, and sparks the beginning of The Doom: a pandemic disease which has the majority of the world's population killed off within just a few short weeks.
It becomes apparent that there are some special individuals who have immunity to the disease, and some of these have some supernatural powers. Lana can move things with her mind. Jonah - a paramedic- can see the future when he touches someone. As he delivers a set of twins, he can clearly see that they are going to play a part in helping the survivors find New Hope.
 In the dystopian world which these (questionably?) lucky few chosen ones find themselves in, everyone is fighting to survive, whatever that takes.
It soon becomes clear that whilst everyone is working towards the same end goal, there is still good and evil in the world, even at this reduced number. As the book gathers momentum and some of the survivors run into others, even some of the characters I'd at first considered to be good show signs of aggression and prove that it's not always a clear cut divide between good and bad.
Year One is the first book of, I suspect, a trilogy, and whilst it covers the first year in the post-apocalyptic world, it has to leave some stories untold, for which I'm looking forward to the next instalments in the series.  
If dystopian series are your thing, I'd definitely recommend this; it's the best I've read in a long while.
(Big thanks to Little Brown for sending me a copy to review.)

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  1. I think I'd like this. Whilst dystopian books always stress me out and make me despair, there's something so compelling about them! I'll have to look out for it, thanks for the tip!