Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Sequins galore..

Dress: Handmade 
At last, the sun has caught up with the weather reports and it's getting warmer. Don't worry, I didn't wear this today and risk melting into a little puddle of plastic. But, it seems like an age since I last shared any outfit photos so here's one from last week.

Bag: Accessorize // Brooch: Topshop
Since buying them last November, these boots have skyrocketed up to being one of my most-worn pairs of shoes. Over the winter when we had the bouts of rubbish weather, I reached for them as despite being sequinned to the nines, they're sturdy and waterproof and have fared me well through puddles and ice.

Boots: ASOS
Because I'm clearing out my wardrobes (it's a slow and gradual process, but it *is* happening), I've been finding things I'd forgotten about. Some of which, like this robot bag, are completely awesome and I wonder how I could have ever forgotten.. See also, the Crown and Glory headband which is barely visible, but says "love", in sparkles.

Jacket: Primark

This dress has been another of my most-worn items since making it before Xmas. It's funny how I can reach for one and overlook others which are made to the same pattern. I guess there's just something about the print and the fit which appeals to me. As for the sequins jacket? Well, one can never have enough sequins...right? 


  1. The robot bag is awesome, isn't it? I keep mine on my bookcase as an ornament when I'm not using him because he's too cute to keep hidden away. Also, I love those shoes, and no, you definitely can't have too many sequins!!

  2. I like this outfit very much. All the items are cute and go well. I can see why you like the print on that dress so much!