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The Lies You Told
The Lies You Told: Harriet Tyce

Has she left her child in the care of a killer?

Sadie has moved back to London so her daughter can attend the exclusive school her domineering father has secured her a place at. It's highly sought-after and highly competitive - just like the other mothers, Sadie soon discovers.

While she's trying to get her daughter settled and navigate the fraught politics of the school gate, Sadie is also trying to reclaim a position in her old legal chambers - she used to practice as a criminal barrister. She's given the junior brief on a scandalous case involving a male teacher and his student. It's an opportunity to prove herself, but will she let a dangerous flirtation cloud her professional judgement? And will her sudden close friendship with another mother prevent her from seeing the truth - and the threat that she's inviting into her home?

I'm sure everyone remembers what a challenge it was, navigating the school playground between the different groups of kids and trying so desperately to fit in. To be accepted. Turns out that it can be just the same for the school gate parents. Or so Sadie finds. When she secures a space for her daughter at a prestigious girls' school, Sadie does all she can to be accepted by the other mothers. 

As well as bending over backwards for the PTA meetings, Sadie is also trying hard to get her career back on track and returns to work at a barrister's chambers. She's set to work on a case involving a teacher and soon gets embroiled in this, which takes her focus off Robin's school for a while.

Suddenly, it's as if a switch is flipped and Sadie is accepted by the other mothers, once they realise that she in fact went to the school as a child. I found this a little confusing as a backtrack on such character build-up around the other mothers, but there we are. Everyone becomes bosom buddies and Sadie allows Robin to spend a lot more time with her new friends, so that she can focus on preparations for the trial. 

Has she taken her eye off the ball? When one of Robin's school friends is taken ill in suspicious circumstances, Sadie barely knows what to focus on. A lot of the book seems to spend time building up little threads of sub-plots, but then leaves the majority undeveloped. I'd have loved to read more about some of those, but the ending the author chose to go with was kind of predictable. I feel as though this book had so much more potential than it ended up delivering. 

If you'd like to make up your own mind, it's due for release on 20th August 2020.

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